Friday, July 5, 2013

Durango CO!

For the 4th of July we celebrated at a BBQ in Ridgeway at the hot springs! It was a fun night after a long ride. The springs were interesting and basically 3 pools with different temperatures. Today was the hardest ride we have had yet. An 82 mile ride into Durango with 3 climbs going up to 11,000ft. We biked Million Dollar Highway! Apparently it costs 1 million per mile to build the highway and nobody can pay you 1 million to bike it again. The road was very steep and had little shoulder with a steep drop off. I road towards the middle of the road and braked going downhill. I saw a donkey too! He was so cute and looked just like Kasper! I road in the rear with Diet and Emily. The first climb was 13 miles going about 4mph! The 3 climbs were very tiring! The downhills were as well since I was so concentrated and my hands were in such pain from gripping and braking. While it was the hardest ride, it was for sure one of the prettiest! There were lakes, waterfalls, red top mountains, huge christmas type trees, snow, hail, rain, and huge mountains everywhere! I'll post pictures soon. Going up the mountains was rough and I stopped about every mile for a break. I didnt walk though! I pulled into the church in Durango around 7pm. I had a great shower and went on a date with Olivia or mexican food and gelato in town. Durango is such a nice town. Lots of little shops, outdoor stores, beautiful scenary everywhere, rafting, ziplining, tubing, and lots more! Tmrw I'll be able to explore the town a bit more and maybe see if other riders want to do something adventurous and maybe just relax in town. I'm really sore and ready for bed! Loving Colorado! Can't believe we'll be in San Diego in a little over 2 weeks! It feels like just yesterday we were metting in Nags Head for orientation. All the days seem to blend together and I seem to have no idea what day it is anymore. We have 2 nights at a church in San Diego and then I'm staying 2 extra nights in which we'll prbly all pitch in for a hotel. If you are familiar with San Diego please let me know what is good to do there or see! As always, thanks for reading!
PS: even though I came in late I somehow found a couch to sleep on! Night!

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