Monday, July 1, 2013

Rocky Mountains!

Wow! Where to start! What an incredible day biking 100 miles through the Rocky mountains from Colorado Springs into Bueno Vista CO. It was for sure challenging since it was mostly uphill. The views were amazing though and well worth it. Within the first 10 miles I saw 3 huge reindeer with massive antlers! We visited the Garden of the Gods which was really pretty as well as the balanced rock. I've never seen anything like the Rocky Mountains! They do exist! The climbs were gradual and we had a few nice downhill rides. Before first lunch I got caught in some hail! You can also see snow at the mountain peaks. The peaks reach around 14,000ft in elevation and we climbed to about 9,600ft. We got caught in a little rain and it was freezing cold so we stayed at a little visitor center for a bit. The last 12miles were downhill and through such a beautiful area. Words really dont explain the view! I saw a double rainbow and the rainbow ended so close to us! There was no gold though! During the rainy portion of the ride I started having more weird thoughts. After biking mile after mile you have to do something to keep your mind busy. So, I saw this huge dark mountain in the distance that looked like Mordor from Lord of the Rings. Sarumon was cooking up a bad storm over top! Any animals I saw were the Orks! The goal was to get to Mordor and throw the ring in or rather, finish the 100 mile day. This was my thought process for a long while. Haha! I had to keep my mind busy since we couldnt really sing today. I was with Meegan, Emerson, and Emily. As we got higher in elevation the air begain to thin out and I found myself huffing and puffing for air! I reached 40mph coming into town through the beautiful mountains! Today was one of the best days. I was surprised by the mountains for sure! We have a build day tmrw. There are some hot springs 5miles away so I'm hoping we get to visit it. Theres water rafting and ziplining which would be fun too but I wish we had more time! I'll post some pictures from today and maybe videos too. Thanks for reading!


  1. Loved the pics, happy 4th of July hope you get to celebrate some. nick & Amber joining us on the 4th with mom & pop. We will miss you! I know you are biking the next few days hope all goes well. love ya!

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