Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Riders from the east!

Get it? Riders from Rohan! (Lord of the Rings) Today we entered the deserts of Arizona. I actually really pretty. Like my Pop has said, it was a different type of pretty from the mountains. There were giant orange rock formations everywhere! Such an interesting site. I took some pictures that I'll post soon but just like in the mountains, pictures just arent enough to show the beauty of the land, you must see it! I say "riders from the east" because well, while biking I always seem to relate my adventures to that of Lord of the Rings. While there was mostly orange rock formations, we found this one giant dark rock that looked like Mordor. Another hard day through the heat, dryness, and lots of uphills actually. We've been biking through mostly Indian reservations as well. I'm finding it interesting to see the different cultures and simply the different ways of living within the United States. We are staying at a small church in Kayente Arizona with the Southern Route! There are almost 60 of us sleeping hip to hip tonight. The next few days we are camping out so I assume I wont have much internet to blog. We will be at the Grand Canyon soon which I'm excited for! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Visited Arizona many times, Ed worked in Arizona with the nuclear business. Very hot even though a dryer heat drink lots!! Koda received his present today he really liked it. We plan to use in the RV if we ever get it back!! two weeks will go very fast. Enjoy every minute. Love ya