Saturday, July 6, 2013

Loving Durango!

Durango CO is one of my favorite towns so far! I've really been enjoying Colorado and would advise anyone who hasnt been to come! The towns are really neat, theres lots to see and do, very outdoorsy, and the views of course are breathtaking. Since I got in late last night I went on a date with Olivia and got Mexican and gelato. We had a great time! I took a nice shower and slept! I got up at 7am (prbly the earliest of all riders) and took a nice walk through town. Lots of outdoor shops, neato shots, organic things, coffee shops, and I took a walk through the farmers market which was nice and to the post office to mail some things. Meegan and I ventured to find a massage place but ran into a “wellness center” which turned out to be a medical marijuana center. That was an interesting experience. We finally found a nice place that had a hot tub and an cold tub and gave us robes too. It really helped with the soreness and the massage was great too! Unfortunately I missed going waterfall jumping when I misplaced my sunglasses so I went into search mode instead. I found them and went out for a beer at a brewery and then had pad thai at a Thai restaurant which was really good! It’s been a great day and tmrw is a shorter ride so we get to sleep in! woo! Thank you again to everyone that has supported me. 


  1. Sorry I was late reading your blogs. Caught up today and enjoyed reading. I am ready to plan my RV trip to Colorado! our 4th get together was good we had about 10 for our get together. Sounds like a great trip!!! I'm looking forward to your visit beginning of August. Love ya!

  2. haha Colorado is great! We entered the desert today too and it was different but pretty too. I missed the party! Looking forward to visiting! and the triathlon again! Love ya all too!