Pop and I fundraising! We are professional balloon twisters!

 This is a cue sheet we are given each day to guide us to our next host.
 Hilly road to Chapel Hill
 Self shot after changing my first flat tire all by myself!
 Chapel of the Cross in Chapel Hill that we stayed 3 nights at!
First DM (donation magic) from Firehouse subs!
 82miles ride into Winston Salem NC! Very pretty out! Windy and hilly!
 Various pictures of the trailer that we painted in Chapel Hill
 Along the ride to Winston-Salem there was a strawberry farm so riders got to pick a bunch for the group! Very yummy!

 Lots of goats and cows!

 chilly morning ride into Charlotte
 many wheat fields!

 pictures from build day in Charlotte

 Out in front of the church this huge magnolia tree held so many hammocks that many riders brought
The pretty church we stayed at in Charlotte!
 lunch stop
 Panera donated a huge bag of day old bagels and bread to us! Very kind of them and yummy!
 First view of mountains
 pumping up tires before heading out in the am
 Conor showing off the nicely packed trailer. Every morning we pack it up with all or our bags, food, and coolers
 Going into Ashville

 Lunch stop about 20miles out from Ashville

 Claire seems to have the comfiest sleeping bag, so the boys decided to see just how comfy it was!
 Wall raising ceremony in Ashville. Pretty neat, the family was present as well as many sponsors and b&b! It was a pretty neat occasion and rather emotional for the family who has gone through a long application process and is currently putting forth many hours of building.

 Wall raising!
 Ride into Waynesville was so pretty!

 lake we stopped at for lunch in Waynesville.
 Blue Grass concert we attended in Ashville! These guys were super!

 one of the leaders, Erin!

 Gatlinburg....junky tourist town hahaha

 Laurel Falls


 Me rope swinging for the first and prbly last time. Fun experience, but prbly never again! Belly flops arent the best feeling!

 this is me! a group of us found some locals and jumped off this high bridge into the river! INSANE and illegal. Again, NEVER again. hahaha It was fun and the water was deep but a bit too much for me!

 so many cows!
 view of the TN river
 weird pretty flowers on the mountain
stayed at TN Army National Guard Armory and slept in cots!
 Church I stayed at during the storm
 painting in the church
 view from the back of the church
 Bolivar Fire Department allowed us to use their showers!
Group picture from when we build with Mountain Housing
Old Court House, I think this was Franklin County on the way to Bolivar
Old movie theatre
trolley transportation system
Arcade restraunt, oldest cafe in Memphis and on foodnetwork channel!
Andrew and I at the location of Martin Luther Kings assisination in front of room 306. Civil Rights Museum nearby.

First view of the Mississippi River!
Fire Musuem
Courthouse in Memphis
Statues around the courthouse
Catholic Church we are staying at in Memphis
Memphis Redbirds game
 Church in Forest City built 1875

Took me 9 hours 27min to bike 103 miles!
103 miles!

Leaving Memphis!

Biking in Arkansas, not the best roads and nothing much to look at
 Pictures from building with Habitat in Little Rock Arkansas

 Camels in Arkansas 0.o

 My new biker bandana!
 In Missouri for the day!
 In Oklahoma!
 I'm in three states!

Cactus flowers!
 so many buffalos in Bartlesville! Check out those rock hard leg muscles!
 stack of trusses in the beginning of the build day
 the before picture of the warefhouse (will post after picture tmrw)
 Meegan working hard...or hardly working? haha lolly pop too! (she was on break)
 Reg Ryan was climbing all day working hard putting the trusses up

 Steven and Sarah...working hard
Water break!
Harry and I! 

 Ponca City Ride!
 many man made lakes in Oklahoma.
 ride into Cherokee OK
 Olivia and Diet after a long ride!

 My doggie friend! He was so well trained/friendly and just sat in the back of the truck at the church.
 This is Kansas....for miles
 more Kansas...for miles

 pretty sites along the way!
 Max and I had root beer floats in the small town of Coldwater Kansas
 Coldwater Lake Campground
 Setting up tents/hammocks
 ladies of bike and build preparing for the arm wrestling tournement as the sunsets

 it was so pretty on the lake!
 Kansas! on the way to Dodge City
 This was interesting and didnt expect these sites in Kansas!
 Western city!

 Finally in Colorado!!

 Delicious lunch on our way to Ponca City! Gazpocho soup with homemade herb parmesean bread turkey sammich!
 I suppose the rocking chair was comfy at the lunch stop for Ryan and Max

 Rocky Mountains!
Build site in Colorado Springs

 We put the walls up!

 First wall!
This little guy was riding around with this sign! Bike&Build helped build his family house last year! He was such a happy kid!
horses while on a 80mile ride through a drought in the middle of nowhere!
This is Chico Basin Ranch
Campground and lots of poop
sand/gravel road that was horrible!
sunset into the rockies!
This is the creepy abandoned house we piled into around 1am when it started to rain! It was haunted!
The team with Scott and Karen in front of their house!

This is how we slept in the creepy house!

abby with pixie! Pixie was such a cute doggie at the build site! she was so sweet and liked belly rubs! She would roll over on her back like Kasper for beller rubs. I tried taking more pics of her but she was camera shy

me! in my safety gear at the build site
 Bike and Build sponsored the construction of this new home for Karen and Scott! Such a sweet grateful couple!
 me! at the Garden of the Gods! It was cold!

 A bit of history, maybe click the picture to enlarge so you can read it

 what views!!!
 thats me!
 Balanced rock!
 haha well I guess my shadow got in the way!

 moose droppings! Chocolate covered almonds!

thats me! freezing my butt off! 
 the double rainbow! I could see both ends of it!

Some of the riders and I at Garden of the Gods! I'm right in the middle!

 to the top of Monarch Pass

 on our way up! about 12,000ft in elevation

 self shot from the cable car!

 nap time at the top of the mountain bike and build style

 hot air balloons taking off for july 4!

 mountain goats!!!

 one of the most beautiful sites ive seen so far!

I still think I'm standing in front of a painting
 hot air balloons for july 4th!

Main St. in Durango! 
 cutest donkey!
pictures from the million dollar highway ride

 pretty flowers in Utah!
 I'm in 4 states!

 open range!
 look at the little baby next to his mama!

church in bluff utah
 the views in Arizona and Utah!

 Mexican Hat!

 My ram friends!

 This is the rock structure that looks like Mordor from Lord of the Rings!
 the way into the Grand Canyon

 Here it is!
 My first view of the Grand Canyon!
 What a hottie!

 The elk are coming!!!
 We were creeping up on him!
 Sarah Barrett!
 Ryan Smith scared!
 They were huge!
 I wanted to join their wolfpack of Elk. I think they accepted me!
 Kim and I on the edge of the canyon

 thats me! hiking on the day off

 It was very grand!

 Its hard to see, but there is a zig zag on this wall where we were hiking. If you look close, you can see the line of mules in the middle left side of the picture.
 My elk friend!

Native American dances

 Train robbery!
My new hat!
 the cow skull and snickelfritz at the front of the van
 Prescott firefighters memorial

 Tim, my prom date! we decided to dress opposite!

 I believe they are called dirt devils, its hard to see but it was spiraling high in the sky!
 the many beautiful cards I received on my last mail drop! Thank you everyone that has sent me cards!

 I'm in Cali!!!! WOOO!!!!

Sunrise in Blyth
 Ride into El Cajon

 Sea Lion friends!

 me! I biked cross country!!!
 the boys!
 B&B NCtoSD 2013!

 Pacific Ocean!

 Dinner time!
 first San Diego sunset
my friends!
 boys getting pedis

 and manis!
my first saki!

 Kelseys bday
 cactus garden in Balboa
 rose garden

 last night!

 famous statue! in NYC at the end of WWII
 taking the ferry!

 this is Kasper!
 Kasper again


 Kasper? haha

 peeing girafe!


  1. Hope today goes well! I read your blogs to Ed everyday. Love ya, Gin

  2. Great pix, thanks for sharing. You go girl!