My Sponsors

Thank you so everyone who has been supporting me! I'm very thankful. :)

Big thank you to my family! Wouldn't be where I am today if not for them. My Pops was with me fundraising most weekends and Nick helping me with the bike.

Also, thank you to past B&B riders for all the information and advice.
Brynne Heatley
Asa Eliasson
Brooke Organ
Stephanie Hickel
Andrew Hathon
Alyssa X-Man

Thank you to all my sponsors:
Chris Delano
Kaylee Kohfeldt
Nossair family
Carlos Alayon
Tim and Lori
Kendyl Drayer
Alexis&Ashley Perrin
Tony Tartaglia
Rodriguez family
Randy Joseph
David Spanier
Bruce&Madea Harris
Susan&Mihalis Halkides
DL Crosby-Collier
Williams& Soldberg
AKPsi Brothers
Nick Brown
Kristen Brown
Van Varick family
Daniel Herbert
Megan Hammerling
Amber Batchelder
Craig DeFreese
Donna&Walter Morgan
Anna Caban
James&Terri Spoonhour
Tom&Sandy Brown
Mary J Bailey
Chen family
Richard MacMillan
Michele Hipp
Joanne Chive
Jonathan Gabriel
Aaron Miller
Lauren Robbins
EM&PD Chew
William Smith
Whitney Washington
Jeff Brown
Raymer Maguire
William&Andrew Hurt
Ed&Ginny Carter
Yuri,Stephany,Boyd, Baba, Dada
Todd Dennis
Cliff Brown
Matt Johnson
Marjorie Murphy
Lawrence Gendzier
Raymond Williams
Michael&Theresa Rudy
Flippers Pizza
Bike Works East
Davids World Cycle College Park
Primal Wear
TETON Sports
Knight Library bar
Gander Mountain


  1. Hi Lauren, I'm a friend of your mom and meant to be more supportive through your blog, but my cat died and I have been very sad. I am continuing to lift you and your group up in prayer for a safe ride and that you are helping many people on your quest. Blessings, Terry and Mike Rudy

  2. PS Thanks for the post card!! :)

  3. Hi Terry! Thanks for posting. I'm sorry about your cat. Thank you so much for the support and prayer. We are doing well and enjoying the build days in the various communities. We had two recent builds in Bartlesville Oklahoma that were great! :)