Friday, May 3, 2013

5/3/13 Whats in a bag?

As I begin to organize everything I will be packing, many have been asking me exactly what I will be brining with me for two and a half months on the road biking and building. I will be taking a large duffle bag (max weight 50lbs) to carry my equipment and clothes for the summer. Thats right, just one bag and a bike.

Inside the duffle bag I will carry the following:

5 pairs undies
2 shirts
B&B T-shirts
3 sports bras
2 bras
4 pairs socks
2 pairs shorts
1 long comfy pants
1 pair flip flops
1 pair sneakers
1 swim suit
1 jacket
3 pairs cycle shorts
2 jerseys
cycle shoes
1 long sleeve layer
1 rain jacket
cycle gloves
arm/leg warmers
small quick dry towel
toiletries (shampoo, wash, toothbruth...)
phone, chargers, macbook, camera, cable
chamois buttr, gold bond, dznuts bliss
sleeping bag
small pillow
zip lock bags
bike lock
extra bike equipment (tubes, bottles...)
NUUN energy tablets, honey stinger waffles
stamps, flight ticket home, wallet
I think thats about it minus a few other items I will bring, myself, and of course Mufasa, my bike! The duffle bag will be kept in the support van that will travel with us. I will carry my camelbak with important items such as rain gear, id, insurance card, money, phone, snacks, and water of course.
I meet with my B&B group in less than 2 weeks! I will try to blog as much as possible this summer when I have internet; however, I will write through word doc and post blogs when I have internet to try to keep to date everything on the adventure. Please feel free to comment on my blog and continue to follow it! Thank you :)

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