Thursday, May 30, 2013


Theres a few things I forgot to add in my last blog since its been a few days since I've had internet. I'm sure the more west I get and into smaller towns the less likely it is for me to have internet but I will do my best to continue updating. Last night in Ashville I went to a local icecream place that had really great salted caramel icecream! Then a few of us watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie that was pretty good. In Waynesville, Zaxbys donated dinner to us all! Very nice of them. It's amazing to see just how generous people are. A small health food place here also gave us a bunch of cereal, rice milk, brown rice, protein powder and cookies as well as a Thai Spice for the great meal that we split between 5 people! I'm about to hit the hay for some sleep on a couch! We just got mail, thank you Ginny&Ed for the sweet card, mom&pop for the nice card and tubes (hopefully no more flats!), and Janet and Hoyle for the kind postcard! I loved getting mail today from everyone, it made my evening great and love all the support. I'm really in need of anything as of now, cards and postcards are simply great though! I'll be stopping in a grocery store soon for more sunscreen, toothbrush, and paste! Thank you again to everyone that has been reading and sending me messages. I really appreciate all the support. It really motivates me to keep pushing!


  1. I can send you some stuff toothpaste etc. Let me know what other stuff? Do you need shampoo, soap that kind of stuff? I am assuming the small quantities? How about snacks or biker gels stuff for quick energy? It will be interesting when you go to Oklahoma if you see some of the tornado areas. Ed said a few more hit last night but no one injured. Love ya, Gin

  2. Thank you! I'm actually doing alright with shampoos, paste and other basic things. We usually have a grocery store close by to get small items. I just picked up some extra sunscreen! I found out that gummy snacks and peanut m&m's give a great small burst of energy! Small snack packs of those are great! But honestly, just cards or letters are great to get during our mail drop days. I havent been keeping up with any news lately unfortunately. I heard Oklahoma has been getting hit hard, very sad to hear. It will be interesting and rough to bike through Oklahoma and see some of the damages. We're hoping everything settles down by the time we get there. Love ya'll thanks for keeping up with my blog! :)