Thursday, May 23, 2013

Build days in Chapel Hill

Our first build days in Chapel Hill went great! The first day I worked on a project for an elderly lady with a few riders. We cleaned and painted her shed as well as her porch. She was such a nice lady! Her house backed up to the woods where there was lots of poison ivy so we asked to use her restroom. I will post a picture soon, but her toilet was basically a throne. It had a giant cushion on it and was pretty awkward. The next build day I painted on a different house for a few hours. Tonight we are on our own for dinner so I think we might be going to some good burger place in Chapel Hill. Its a really pretty town and UNC is such a nice campus! Tmrw we set off for over 80miles followed by another 80+ miles! I just posted some new pictures in the picture tab so check them out! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Pictures are great, Have a safe ride today and tomorrow. I didn't see any rain for you today! Be very safe please!!!