Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chapel Hill - 39

Today was the best day yet! We had a great breakfast with eggs/spinach/tomatoes, bagels/cream cheese, bacon, cereal, and fruit. I'm so sore!!!!! We set off today and ran into more up and down hills. At times I was going 5mph and others 35mph. I got my first flat that I had to change all by myself and in less than 10minutes! I also fell a few times because I was unable to clip out while stopped. But I'm good! For lunch a group stopped  near Duke University. I worked my first DM (donation magic) and got us free firehouse subs! We also got a medical kit donated from CVS. I'm now in Chapel Hill and its nice here! I havent really explored yet though. We got in, showered, and ate a yummy dinner at a reallyyyyy pretty church that we are staying at! I will posts pics tmrw. Many riders went out to local bars and different places around town but I stayed back with a few riders and had my bike worked on by a nice knowledgable bike mechanic at the church. Hopefully tmrw after our first build day we will be able to go out and explore. Bed time now! I will update about the build day tmrw and add pics when I have more time. Night Night!


  1. You are doing an excellent job! Love to read your blogs. Can't wait for pics. Did you ask if it is unusual to have so many flats?

    Love ya,
    Ginny, Ed, Koda

  2. Good job getting those samiches!