Thursday, May 16, 2013

Orientation! May15&16

Bike & Build NC to SD has started! About a year ago I was just looking into this thing called bike & build and here I am, beginning my journey cross country. Thank you to everyone that has supported me! Especially my mom and pops, my biggest supporters! I arrived in Nags Head NC with my parents on Saturday and spent a few days here visiting various places such as the lighthouses, Jockeys Ridge State Park, and the Wright Brothers museum. On Wednesday I finally met my team! I have to say, I was rather on top of researching/facebook lurking so when everyone arrived I already recognized faces and knew names! Once we checked in at the Nags Head Church we did various cheesy "get to know you" games. Within just the past 2 days our team of 28 members has become friends! It's such a weird feeling dedicating my entire summer to just bike&build. No classes or work this summer. It feels like I'm at summer camp almost! Its a huge slumber party here.

Today we did more safety presentations and did some skills tests on the bikes. In the afternoon the "Silver Riders", which is a group of men over the age of 58 that have formed a well known group in NC with incredible riders. One of which is an 85 years old and I believe the NC champion. The Silver Riders led us on a 22mile shakedown ride in Nags Head to the Bodie Lighthouse as pictured below. It was a great first ride! I led the rear of the group proudly! When we returned to the church we shuttled to a sports club that allowed us to use their shower facilities. I believe this may be the best shower experience we will have. This sports club gave us towels, had shampoo, conditioner, and body wash! Not to mention the shower heads were the kind that basically rain on you from above! When we finished showers we came back to the church and had an incredible dinner! This was way more than I ever expected. It was like Thanksgiving times 10! We had meatloaf, sweet potatoes, mash potatoes/gravy, salad, pasta salads, various casserolls, fruit salad (and kiwi!) beans and rice, fish tacos, cookies, chips and layerd dip, and other yummy items!

We wake up at 5:15am tmrw, breakfest at 5:45, meeting at 6:45, then head off for the wheel dip ceremony. I'm part of the breakfest crew this week. We then go 66 miles to our next destination! 

I'm getting ready for bed, I apologize for any spelling errors! I will try to post as much as possible in this blog and add pictures. Night night!!

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