Sunday, May 26, 2013

Build day in Charlotte

Today we woke up to a great breakfest consisting of waffles, pancakes, bacon, and grits! We got to sleep in till 6:30am and were at the build site by 8am. Today was interesting, we got to basically start on the house. We put up walls, lots of nailing, caulking walls, and putting up installation. After the build we had showers, made a grocery store run, and then had a nice Memorial Day bbq at the Charlotte habitat offices. We had all kinda of burgers, weenie dogs, potatoe salad, bean salads, watermelon, chips, and brownies! We are doing some laundry now and hitting the hay for bed. We have about 70 miles tmrw into Forest City and then about 85miles to Ashville. I've been icing, elevating, and taking ibprofin for my achillies. Hopefully they get better soon. I am posting a few pictures now! :) Thanks for reading and the comments!


  1. I read your posts every day as they come into my inbox! Proud of you, buddy! What happened to your Achilles?

  2. We had Memorial Day with our camping buddies (Ron & Tomi) they said they enjoy reading your blogs. These next two days will be challenging just pace yourself and take care of yourself

  3. You can't trade in body parts so make sure you take care of what you have! Love you! Have fun, lots of pics for your memories.