Saturday, May 25, 2013

87 miles to Charlotte NC

Today was a rough day but I made it into Charlotte! The first 15miles started off great from Winston with no breaks. It was actually pretty chilly this morning when we left around 7am so I wore my leg and arm warmers for the first time. Then my achillies started acting up till about mile 40 when they finally got lose. After our 82 miles yesterday everyone was really feeling it today. So it was pretty rough the entire day but really pretty out! I have a few pictures I'll post later. Theres so many wheat farms here and strawberry farms! Lots of cows and goats again and some horses. I also saw way too much roadkill today including about 5 snakes. I had to take many breaks today. My ass was hurting as well as achillies. My legs are doing pretty well and I can feel them getting stronger! My quads and hamstrings are for sure gaining muscle but not sure if I've lost weight yet. We eat ALOT and so far I understand the need for lots of food an snacks for rides like this. The ride into Charlotte was great. I rode with Emerson and she was very supportive and kept me going the whole way through! Once we saw the Charlotte skyline we knew we were getting close to the church. Surprisingly, the last 10miles or so was pretty downhill or flat. For once, I didnt come in last! I arrived around 5pm or so but three of our top riders took a wrong turn and it made for a 26mile detour for them extra. They did about 114 miles today! Once we pulled into the church a nice family that was hosting us had snacks and drinks layed out and the littly girl (about 4years old) was telling me about her bike ride today! I think the family did about 12 miles today and she was telling me that she kept going in front of her dad haha it was cute. After showers, which included a great mersa shower gel to protect us, we had a nice salad with avocado, cranberries, carrots, cucumbers, and other veggies along with pizza including chicken/pinapple pizza that was pretty good. Many riders ventured downtown for some nascar party going on. I'm pretty worn out and icing my achillies. Trying to ice, elevate, and get some heel inserts tmrw to try to take stress off the achillies so the tendonitis doesnt get worse. Other than the achillies, I'm pretty sore overall but feeling great. Tmrw we do a build here in Charlotte and I think we get to sleep in till about 630am! This adventure is for sure a test of will power and determination. I try comparing this adventure to my past sports such as volleyball and rowing but cycling is for sure on its own. I start at 7am and go till about 5pm each day. Its interesting to think about how I'm solely dedicating an entire summer to just biking and building. With volleyball and rowing it was simply a few hours of practice then race. I've learned that bike&build is not a race, its marathon and I'm in it to simply finish. I can't say today was easy, and there were many times when I pulled over, sat down, and asked myself what the hell I was doing in the middle of nowhere biking! But its a great feeling to bike into the host with a crowd of fellow riders and hosts cheering you on and there with food and water. Thank you to all that have been reading, commenting, and calling! I really appreciate all the support and love hearing from everyone! Thanks for the comments Ginny&Ed Becca and Mom&Pop for reading!


  1. Just read your notes above to Ed. He said to ask one of the seasoned riders about your Achilles hurting so much maybe they can give you some suggestions. Dr. Z leaves Waynesville the day before you get in so he said he was sorry to miss you he would have loved to come get some of the riders and take them out. If you get a chance downtown Waynesville is a very quaint little town. Ed and I love this area! Tomorrow you should start hitting some hills you should be headed into the Blue Ridge Parkway area as you head to Asheville, Waynesville.

  2. Ed is keeping track of you on a map. He is having fun.

  3. I talked to a few riders and a podiatrist today about the achillies. I'm icing, elevating, taking ibprofin, and got heel inserts for my cycle shoes so we'll see if those work. They also said I may have to take a few days off them then get back at biking to give them rest. awh well tell Dr. Z I said hello and sorry we didnt bike fast enough to Waynesville! I'm looking forward to the town! The views out here so far are amazing! I hearthe Blue Ridge Parkway will be a hard ride. Getting into mountains now! Thanks for the comments and reading!