Sunday, June 16, 2013

3 states 1 day!

I finally got my bike fixed! I was in the van for the last two days with a broken derailer/hanger. It got pretty frustrating and draining so I’m glad its fixed. Riding in the van with Ryan was great though. When we got into Fayettville Ryan took myself and Emily who also had a broken derailer to a bike shop. Lewis and Clark Outfitters gave me a free derailer! ($35!) They were awesome and very knowledgeable. Unfortunately they didn’t have the hanger that I needed so we went to another bike store. Emily had a hanger and thought her derailer could get fixed. At the 2nd shop Emily got her bike fixed and ended up having to buy a new derailer. This shop wasn’t the nicest and charged her $100 to fix her derailer. The guy working on my bike was pretty rude and didn’t seem too knowledgeable about what needed to be done. When he asked me if I had money for a new bike I asked if he was asking a serious question. When he replied stating that my bike was done for and that I needed a new bike I asked for my bike back and left. He charged me $5 for one new chain link. -_- We went back to the church where someone said they had seen a hanger in the trailer. It was like searching for a needle in a haystack but I found the derailer hanger! Ryan was such an amazing leader! He took me back to Lewis and Clark (the great store that gave me the derailer) at 8pm to get my bike fixed before they closed at 9pm. The guys working on my bike were awesome and made sure everything was working. They only charged me $10 for working on my bike for an hour! Anyways, glad it got fixed and I was on the bike today! We went 73miles to Grove Oklahoma! It was a really nice ride today! I biked with Emily, Emerson, Marge, and Meeg dog. We passed through Missouri and then into Oklahoma. At one point I stood in all 3 states! There was a nice lunch spot at this creek where some riders went swimming. Or rather skinny dipping as to not get their shorts wet. It seems like everyone had a pretty good day! I’m happy to be out of Arkansas. I wasn’t a big fan of the state. Nothing much to see or do! I hear many parents are reading so thank you to all the parents of riders reading! I’m happy to share my experience through this blog and I’ll report that all riders on NCtoSD are healthy, safe, and having fun! Happy fathers day to all the Pops out there! And happy Pops day to my Pop! Happy 1 year anniversary Winks! Glad to have you in the family! Almost time for dinner! 


  1. Ed has family and we have good friends in Oklahoma if you need anything. love ya

  2. thanks! love ya too! You were fast to see this blog post! I'm putting videos up now!

  3. Winks thanks you for the shout out! :)