Monday, June 10, 2013

Walking in Memphis!

The ride into Memphis was pretty nice. At about mile 5 we got caught in a rain storm but it slowed up. We ended up biking the rest of the way with wet shoes which wasn’t the greatest. I rode the first 40 miles with Aaron and it was so nice and pleasant. I really got to know him better and the great chats made the miles pass. The terrain was relatively flat with a few hills. After lunch I rode with Meegan and Olivia into Memphis. It went fast since there were so many turns and the town was nice to ride through. For dinner we had the best bbq in Memphis at Marges house! Her parents organized a nice dinner for us all including ribs, pulled pork, chicken, salad, baked beans, cole slaw, mac n cheese, and cookies! We have an off day in Memphis so we will prbly explore some and tonight we are all going to a baseball game so that will be fun! We’re staying at the oldest Catholic Church in Memphis and it honestly look like an old castle. I find it rather creepy and eerie sometimes to sleep in the churches next to huge paintings of popes and large crosses in my face. Haha but I slept in till about 6:30am on my day off! The day off in Memphis was nice but not my favorite town for sure. An alumni rider provided a nice breakfast of fresh fruit and chick-fila for us! I walked to the Arcade which is the oldest cafĂ© in Memphis and ranked on the food network channel. I didn’t eat since I had a great free breakfast so I left with another rider to walk. Andrew (who just graduated high school wooo!) and I walked around the civil rights museum and went to where Martin Luther King was assassinated in front of room 306 of the motel. We then met a few other riders at The Peabody Hotel where there’s a famous duck show that tourists must see. I posted a video, but it honestly it was pretty dumb so we left and went to a cotton museum. So much cotton! We walked to the Mississippi River which unfortunately looked very polluted. After a walk we had lunch at Westys which turned out to be really good. I had a Chicken Cordon Bleu that was mighty tasty! We strolled back to the church for a break and I wrote some postcards out then took another stroll onto Beale Street for dinner. Beale street was very lit up and tourist trap for sure. Lots of jazzy music, booze, and craziness going on there. I can’t say I was a fan but I suppose it was a must see to complete my experience in Memphis. We had dinner at some burger place that wasn’t too great but the root beer float I had was great! We then met up with most of the team at the baseball game. The alumni and her family were so kind and got us tickets to the Memphis Redbirds game! I’m not the biggest baseball fan but it was fun and the stadium was huge! Glad I ate beforehand, food was so pricey. Why would someone pay $8 for a coke? I stayed for about half and came back to the church to get ready for the ride in the morning. We cross into Arkansas tmrw! I will now enter states that I have not yet been to! Woo! Thank you to everyone who has been reading! I appreciate it! We have mail day tmrw too and that’s always fun! Night! 

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