Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pulaski TN! Best town!

We are in Pulaski TN now! It was a 76 mile ride through rolling hills and head winds! Today was pretty rough I have to admit. It was simply a mind game though which I still have to overcome. The ride was on mostly the same road all day which made for little change in scenary. I started feeling every pain, singing, talking to myself, and counting each time I would pedal up a hill to 40 and then start back over till I got to the top. Everything seemed to hurt today especially lower back, knees, and my left shoulder for some reason. I'm finding that its mind over matter for sure. It's not easy biking cross country but after three weeks it has become more manageable and my self-determination and will to finish each day with every mile by bike has become greater. Pulling into the host today was the greatest feeling. Another day complete, 76 miles down, and another big day tmrw. Pulaski is an interesting town. Small but pretty neat with little shops and the folks here are really nice. Pulaski is where the KKK first developed. Oh, and Cleveland TN is where the Trail of Tears started. When I pulled into the host at Martin Methodist College I was greeted by a few riders that took our bikes, cleaned them, and had them worked on by a mechanic. I had some trouble changing gears (they were clanky) so hopefully that is fixed. The folks also provided awesome snacks including multiple dips (spinish dip, hummus, bean dip) with chips/bread, those spiral turkey deli rolls that are yummy, fresh fruit, and of course deserts. We are staying in dorm rooms at the college which is fun and nice that we each get beds and a quiet room. For dinner....this was the best!!! We had a shrimp broil with potatoes, carrots, sausage, green beans, chicken, pulled pork bbq, corn, salad, and other sides! One of my favorite dinners so far! We were then invited to a local bar with the hosts where they paid for our beers too. I only had one but honestly didnt really want one considering we have a 95 mile ride tmrw but hey got to carb up! The hosts here were pretty amazing! I'm headed to bed now its about 10pm and too late! I finally was able to post some videos up so check them out on the video page! You can mail me by checking out the mail drop listing too! I'm still on the hunt for postcards, they are harder to find than I thought. I'm sweeping tmrw and not too excited about it unfortunately. I will be in the back! Today I came into the host 3rd! I'm getting better! Other riders are so supportive and keep telling me I'm getting better! Tmrw is going to be a really long day! Thanks for reading and the comments!

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