Thursday, June 20, 2013

Whoa we're halfway there!

I'm finding it hard to believe that we are already half way cross country! Time flys when youre having fun! Today was a 70mile ride to Ponca City. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see real pretty sites in Oklahoma. We had mostly rolling hills today but you could see just green plains for miles. Also many oil rigs, cows, and horses. I also saw some kind of mountain lion or coyote on the side of the road (dead). It had to have been about 30lbs and had big teeth! I also saw a rattlesnake on the side of the road! I really wanted to stop and take a picture but couldnt tell if it was still alive. It appeared pretty healthy looking or freshly killed but was pretty big! It didnt feel like 70 miles today at all. It was so pleasant and I road with many different people. I started with Meegan then joined with Daniele, Diet, Ryan, and Sam. A bunch of us stopped at Sonic where they were they gave us all free meals! I road with Ryan for a bit, then Daniele, and then Sean for awhile. There was a big hill getting into the host. There always seems to be a hill right before each host. I didnt stop much today so I was the first female in! While resting as the host Scott took a trip to the grocery store and came back surprising me with chocolate milk since he knew I was hunting for some! Thanks Scott! For dinner we had pasta/sauce with salad and cookies! It was a great dinner but not too sure how much more pasta/sauce I can handle.

We have town hall every Thursday evening where we go around in a circle and talk about our highs and lows for the week. Everyone seems positive so that was great! We also switch chore groups for the week. There is dinner crew, breakfest crew, trailor/laundry crew, cleanup crew, and cooler crew.

Tmrw we set out for Cherokee OK which is about 80miles I think. Each rider was assigned towns to research and give information to the group every morning. This is my town! The population is 1,500 and theres 40 federally recognized tribes including Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creek, and Seminoles. In a few nights we have our first camping night so that will be interesting. Thanks for reading!


  1. Nick said you missed the best deviled eggs!! went to the beach for awhile today. Ed's brother will be coming to visit tonight also so we will have a houseful! Ed was happy you had to do some research on his state. He liked you knew all the tribes in that area. He has some Indian in his family tree can't remember which tribe. Be Safe, Gin

  2. I bet I did miss some good deviled eggs! sounds good glad the weather is better! sounds like a party house! I enjoyed Oklahoma! We each research towns and I thought it was interesting to learn about a few of the different tribes. A few riders met a lady named Sally (96 years old) that owned a little shop and made some yummy indian meat pies! I'm not a big fan of Kansas though! love ya!