Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bartlesville Building!

I have really enjoyed building in Bartlesville! I learned about trusses yesterday and today I working on siding and chaulking. I had some really great chats with Harry. He is celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary with his wife in August! And he's been in all 50 states now with his recent being N Dakota. Alot of work got done in Bartlesville and Harry and the other Habitat guys working with us seemed happy. This was one of my favorite builds so far! Lunch was incredible! Provided by Daniels family! We had some yummy wraps, hummus, fresh berrys, homemade chips, many different salads, and cookies! Bartlesville habitat gave us cool habitat hats too! For dinner the church provided a nice picnic with many of the community members. There was a big cookout with burgers, weenies, and beans! We head out tmrw riding again and for the next week or so we have some longer rides. It's really hard to watch what I eat when theres so much great foods to try. My endurance is picking up and my metabolism is getting faster which is good. I'm building muscle in my legs but the rest of my body needs work. I think eating less and more healthy would help so hopefully when I come back I'll continue with endurance training (more cycling, spin classes, elliptical) and eat better/less. I'm looking into completing a full triathlon in August when my endurance is at its top. Perhaps joining the tri-knights might be good for me too as I enter my senior year at UCF!

This is a good time to explain the game "My Cow". I don't play too much but some of the guys get pretty competative. While biking cross country, we see MANY cows. While riding, if you see a cow/cows you must yell "my cow" and you now own that number of cows. If there is a cemetery and you call "my cemetery" you can subract another riders cows. Basically you just call my cow when you see cows. Theres more rules but I'm not as involved in the game. Playing my cow and singing various songs seem pretty popular as we bike long miles!

It's still hard for me to believe that we are about half way cross country. 5 weeks! The days go by way too fast and the rides/builds start to blend together. I'm trying to enjoy each day and look forward to the next. About bed time for me, thanks for reading!


  1. Sorry we missed the upcoming mail drop! Nick will be having deviled eggs this weekend!!! Lots of riding days ahead of you. Hope you get the flats under control, probably very frustrating. love ya

  2. haha I actually had deviled eggs today! the flats are good now I had to fix the rim tape up! love ya!