Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wind, Heat, and 103 miles!

I BIKED 103 MILES TODAY!!!! My first century ride! Last night in Forest City the Priest gave me a tour of the sanctuary which was beautiful and then did some yoga with a few of us. We woke at 4am and left by 6am for the 103 mile ride today into Little Rock. It was great starting early and I hope we wake up at 3am next time we have a long ride. It got really hot towards the late morning and afternoon! And was super windy! I started off the morning with a great mindset and kept that throughout the day. I knew it would be a mental ride today. Its all in the head. I started the morning with 2 goals: get to Little Rock safe with no injuries/falls and simple complete my first century ride. I accomplished both! We were on the same road for a the longest time and had some strong gusts of wind with sun beating down on us. I just kept telling myself that it was all in my head and stayed positive throughout the day. We had two lunch breaks! I got chased by a killer dog around mile 20. It looked like a polar bear dog! We made many stops under shade trees mostly. At one point we were resting under a tree and a nice lady approached us with a bunch of gatorades for the 6 girls I was with and I. So sweet! Also, we stopped in a parking lot that had Kingdom Bakery, the owner came out and offered us water and two bags of yummy baked goods for us to share! I'm at the host now and its wonderful! They are so organized with dinner items, snacks, and breakfast all set up for us. We had burgers, mushrooms, icecream, and potato salad for dinner! I found myself a couch here for the next two nights since we have a build day tmrw. My whole body is pretty sore and I'm simply worn out from the ride today. Sleep time! I really enjoyed rolling into the host to dinner and all the mail! Thank you to everyone who sent cards and packages! Ginny&Ed, Tommi&Ron, Mom&Pop, Becca&Bryan, Kasper! I really appreciate all the cards! They really made my day after riding over 100 miles today! Plus, I had the most mail! Kasper sent a picture of himself with a piece of his hair just for me! I got new gloves, peanut m&ms, sunscreen, aleve, and a new toothbrush/paste! I have just about everything I need. I have one of the biggest bags on the team, but I like to just say that I'm very prepared. I'm having such an incredible time biking cross country! Looking forward to the build day tmrw! I started sending out postcards so let me know if you start receiving them! I have most addresses from the link where donations were made, so if you donated online you should be recieving a postcard soon! I hope they make it out, I put them in a little drop box I found biking today. Email me your address if I may have missed you please! Thanks for reading!

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