Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pizza Hut all day everyday

Pulaski was an amazing host! We had fun in the evening and woke up to a great breakfest! The ride started out great with Lo as we had nice chats and then had to fix 2 flats. It was sprinkling out but the weather started to clear. Today was a 95 mile day to Adamsville. We have gone over 1000miles now! However, at mile 25 I was behind Lo and we went over a small ledge where the concrete was uneven and I hit a bad angle and ended up having my first real accident. I was going about 12mph into the gas station and just lost it when I hit the ledge and skid  to the left first hitting my arm on the ground and then head. It was like slow motion watching myself skid across the concrete and then lose my glasses. After I stopped moving my first instinct was to touch my teeth and make sure those were there and to grab my glasses and make sure they were good too. I suppose because I take pride in my teeth and the glasses were pricey and well I wear them everyday on the bike to see so they are important. I then sat up immediately and took a few seconds to fully understand that I had an accident. I then started moving my arm since it took a good beating. Lo quickly came over and a few people at the gas station who witnessed made sure I was okay. We got out of the street and went into the gas station where we had to call the van. It’s policy to be vanned after an accident where you hit your head plus I needed a new helmet since I clinked the ground. Lo was so great in helping me! I was pretty shaken up afterwards mostly just in shock. She held me down and put alcohol on the cuts on my elbow and knee and we put antibac and bandaged it all up. I like to say that I gracefully fell since I came out with just minor scrapes and some gnarly bruises on my elbow and inner thigh. My chain came off the bike but that was easily fixed. The ride in the van for the rest of the day wasn’t bad either. It ended up being a great day and I was surprisingly pretty positive after the little accident. Great news too…I got a nice new helmet for $10!!!! It was on the clearance rack! My elbow is pretty swollen up but I should be good to go for the 38mile ride tmrw morning! Also, sorry for such a long blog entry I felt the need to explain my first accident! To bring better light on the accident for everyone reading, WEAR YOUR HELMET! Short ride, long ride, wear a helmet. Things happen quickly on a bike and its just better to be safe and buy a helmet ($10 for the win!) than be sorry later that you didn’t. Accident will happen and I knew that; however, doing what you can to prepare and be safe is priority. Anyways, thank you for reading!

We rode into Bolivar today which was about 39miles. It was a simple ride mostly flat with some rolling hills. Its another small town and I still don’t have cell service but tmrw we head into Memphis TN so hopefully I’ll have service and be able to get postcards! I rode mostly with Olivia, Diet, and Tim today which was nice and had some great chats. In Bolivar the fire department allowed us to use their showers! I took a little walk with a few others to “Freds Super Dollar Store” where I got a dollar bandana to wear! Haha hopefully it’ll help with sweat blinding me while biking. Pizza Hut has been great with supporting us. In Adamsville last night they donated a whole bunch of different pizzas, pastas, and cinnamon/chocolate sticks! And guess what??? …Pizza Hut donated again in Bolivar for the second night in a row! Mmmm pizza all the time! I found a quiet room here at the First Baptist Church so hopefully I’ll be able to go to bed early! Lights out is 11pm so if we only have a big gym to sleep in people are still up, but when there are little rooms I hide away and sleep better! Plus I get away from the snorers! Welp, into Memphis we come! 

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  1. OMG! You gotta be careful!!! Winks says herro and take care of your paws! :)