Thursday, June 13, 2013

Like a cat on a hot tin roof...

Today was AWESOME!!!

After riding over 100 miles yesterday it was a huge relief today to not have to ride our bikes. We traded our bikes for hammers and were quickly put in charge of reroofing a house in North Littlerock. There was not enough work/room for the entire bike and build crew to be working all at once so we worked in half hour shifts. Luckily for us, these half hour shifts were live savers because the temperature easily reached 100 degrees. Through out the day we drank over 124 bottles water and over 60 bottles of gatoraid! At the end of our work day we had completely finished 1/2 of the roof and had the other side ready for shingles. We had a delicious dinner of lasanga and ended the night with a town hall meeting. Lastly, today I had the realization the Sam Murdawg is da bomb. -Sam

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